Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Crawling along...

I've just realized I've had this blog for nearly two years now, and have only made 10 or so posts, with only half (or less) of them significant.  I am working on my self-esteem issues megatime now for two months, and I've realized I really love writing. Why do I stop myself from doing what I love? Punishment?  Silliness. 

I loved my last post, experimenting with a new style and sublty making fun of overserious writers.  I loved sharing that memory with you, even if it was just a fraction of a moment in my timeline.  I think I need to look back more often, instead of at Current Events, which is what Clinton ( is good at right now.  I need to explore what makes me me, and which of those experiences are a unique take on the average human experience.  I will probably get philosophical at times, bear with me.

Love you!  Becky